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March 19, 2005


The LAT is a couple years behind. This is from page six of the National Security Strategy of the United States, issued in 2002:

We will disrupt and destroy terrorist
organizations by:...

defending the United States, the American
people, and our interests at home and
abroad by identifying and destroying the
threat before it reaches our borders.While
the United States will constantly strive to
enlist the support of the international
community, we will not hesitate to act alone,
if necessary, to exercise our right of selfdefense
by acting preemptively against such
terrorists, to prevent them from doing harm
against our people and our country;

DHinMI - I did not know that. Hmm.

Oh, btw, this is the next bullet point:

denying further sponsorship, support,
and sanctuary to terrorists by convincing
or compelling states to accept their
sovereign responsibilities.

In other words, if we "determine" that a state either supports or tolerates terrorism, we will pursue a policy of compellance against it.

It's been said many times before, but bears repeating methinks:

If the U.S. can include such explicit preemptiveness in its war-planning documents, expect to see it in everybody's. A worse recipe for disaster is hard to imagine.

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