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March 21, 2005


I, for one, have had enough of this. But, except for a few peeps and squeaks on the periphery, apparently the vocal cords of genuine conservatives have been sealed with Superglue.

Thanks for this... it helps to understand the myriad possibilities. And watching the contortions over Terri Schiavo (totally different, I know, but it's Our Congress, after all) makes me wonder if this is more of a historic overreach. Frist isn't necessarily in control of events anymore, and the polls suggest americans like the minority to assert its rights.

An excellent point, this question of overreach. I'm wondering whether successfully defining the Schiavo case as overreaching will change the nuclear option calculus, being that it's supposed to go live shortly.

You mean that politicians read polls? I'm shocked. But they apparently fear primaries from their right flank more than they fear general elections, according to Meet The Tim (on Hardball tonight). Nonetheless, I sense a change in the Forc... oops, wrong movie. Sorry.

Someone is doing something about this e.g. MoveOn Pac .org has had several telephone campaigns to senators and this weekend has teams doing door to door canvassing encouraging contacts to call their senators to say no to the "Nuclear Option".
Planned Parenthood Action Network has also been working on this issue and has listed the names and telephone numbers of Republican Senators who might vote against the "nuclear option". Six Republican Senators are needed. John McCain, George Voinovich and Lincoln Chaffee are strong possibilities. So start calling and we can stop this.

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