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March 31, 2005


WOW! Thems a lotta words! I don't think rethuglicans understood all that. You didn't spell nookleee-ar even once or say anything about Saint Terry. Just more Librul E-Leetism!

In a word, abrupt.

If one wants to talk about values, the one value in shortest supply in this country at this time is honesty. Hypocrisy is a form of dishonesty because it is the act of asserting a position as though you believe it when that position is in conflict with other positions you have taken. Which is a lie?

This ties in, I think, because Boy Gray's argument directly contradicts the Republican's position that they want a strict construction of the Constitution. The Constitution nowhere says that an up or down vote is required. For the appointment to stick, consent is required. The absence of consent is the absence of consent.

It was abrupt, wasn't it? There's so much wrong with this little five page Gray memo that the standard excuse of not knowing where to start didn't cover things. I also didn't know where to end.

I haven't even gotten to all the parts of the analysis I disagree with. Plus there are more substantive problems with the memo that I haven't even begun with yet. But a Part X dealing with the rest of Gray's arguments is in the works. If things go well, Part XI may deal with exactly how far from fact Gray has strayed.

Very impressive. Will most likely cite some in Armageddon on the Potomac



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