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March 22, 2005


Did the GOP flog the terri Schaivo case to set up the nuclear option? Did they know well that their bill was unconstitutional, that there was every likelihood that the first judge would not order the feeding tube reinserted, and that the 11th Circuit wiould probably uuphold that ruling? Is the idea that they can then raise a clamor about how we need more pro-life judges who will do the right thing so we have to end the filibuster?

If so, the Dems best line is to stress how procedural checks are all that stand in the way of a runaway minority steamrolling the rest of the Senate. That the GOP are bent on changing every rule to their favor so they can meddle in whatever area of life they want. With 70% of the people thinking they have already gone too far on Schaivo, the need for brakes to ensure reasonable consideration of issues becomes more obvious.

Loved the Nixon ruling. His achievements always turn out to have been accidental.

Good question. I have my doubts about whether or not the GOP tied these two issues together consciously, but it looks like they may end up being linked together after all.

With such overwhelming numbers of Americans regarding the Schiavo intervention as overreaching, it's going to be that much more difficult to get away with still more overreaching when it comes time to trigger the nuclear option.

That is, it would be, if anyone had any idea just how much of an overreach the nuclear option is.

We certainly should, however, be on the lookout for this play. I can't see any reason why the GOP base wouldn't want to try to capitalize on their perceived (and treasured) victimhood here.

When the Bushist Republicans go nuclear, what would be the negative consequences for Democrats if they simply refuse to accept the order of the chair? Why should they sit down and shut up? Why not continue to filibuster while the Republicans make their charade "legal"? It would be easy to bring in a portable PA. "The minority no longer recognizes the authority of the chair."

The objective here would be to provoke the Republicans to their natural thuggery, captured on video (and don't rely on C-SPAN; bring your own cameras). The Republicans long ago began their revolution against Constitutional government. It's time we joined the battle in its defense. For best effect, it means that we will have to bleed. I'm willing, but I don't have access to the Senate floor.

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