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March 14, 2005


First, CT considers same sex marriage, and now the 3 R congresscritters have issues with DeLay. I'm proud to be a Nutmegger.

But Shays and Simmons remain more vulnerable than Johnson; Shays (CT-4) because he has bucked leadership before (ah, those lost committee assignments) and Simmons because he works in a leaning-Dem district (CT-2) and a likely heavy challenge. Johnson, otoh, is 'leadership' and a very significant loss for DeLay if true.

You just put Simmons at the top of the target list.

oh, and trouble at Groton won't help Simmons, either.

New London — Connecticut's congressional delegation, striving to save the Naval Submarine Base in Groton from the Defense Department's base-closing process, has appealed to top defense officials to consider the synergy of the base and the defense industry in southeastern Connecticut.

In a letter signed by both of the state's senators and its five representatives, the delegation notes that technical innovations at Electric Boat in Groton and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport, R.I., are aided by the presence of senior submariners at the base and that instructors at the Naval Submarine School benefit from the presence of 16 operational submarines on the waterfront.

So what'll happen to Groton, d'ya think, if the CT delegation bucks the leadership? Just wondering, X.

It depends on how many others buck the leadership. I think once they reach 218, the floodgates are open, and the GOP Leadership handles the committee rules changes the way they handled the DeLay Rule -- they surrender and pretend it was nobility that drove them to it.

The Connecticut Republicans will have added incentive to get those numbers up past 218. If they can, then they'll be able to remind military appropriators of the fate that befell Ernie Istook when he tried to cut appropriations pork for GOP mavericks.

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