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March 07, 2005


I'd love to host a DeLay indictment party in honor of Ronnie Earle. It would be a "Donkey Kick-Ass Affair"

Let's have an all-microwaved dinner with the TX Repub Congressman who talked about using nuclear weapons against Syria. We could call it Nuking with Sam Johnson.

Of course since it'd be a Republican event with microwaved food, things may get hot but nothing (and nobody) will likely be brown.

Ooh, almost forgot: Bill Bennett Casino Night.

I DARE you to come up with a Rush Limbaugh night.

I think the only way I can beat the attendance record at Rush Limbaugh night is with Rep. Ken Calvert's Big Blowout.

I ahve a fabulous, backless deep red silk velvet gown that I will break out for any of the following:

a party to celebrate the next time one of the Bush twins is caught roaring dead in public

any party to celebrate any Republican homophobe being outed as gay

any party to celebrate any Republican married man family values guy getting caught getting a blow job by someone other than his good Christian wife

Oops. Two corrections:

should be "roaring dead drunk." I don;t celebrate anybody's real demise, and certainly not a child of a politician's.

Second correction: I will wear the dress even if it is the wife.

Is this bad enough taste?

Percheronwoman, your third wish may already have come true: that's what the Ken Calvert Blowout was designed to celebrate. What kind of accessories to you have if the woman is a prostitute?

And I guess we could arrange some kind of Speed Dating party if Ed Schrock ever decides to run again.

Hmm, now is the woman is a prostitute, I will be happy to add any one of the following accessories:

1. a black peek a boo leather bra UNDER THE OUTFIT

2. a boa

3. I will carry my dressage whip and wear my show boots WITH my rowl spurs

Your pick, but this offer expires soon, so you must choose only ONE

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