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March 08, 2005


What's the old saying--give them enough rope...

Now let's see if the House Repubs are compliant and slip the noose around their necks.

What did you mean 'the last part was a joke'? I read that article earlier, and I thought they were serious.

But since there isn't a plan, isn't everything they know incorrect?

Any chance folk get, they should be asking Congressional Republicans for a written version of Bush's plan. "How can you debate something clearly unless you have the details at hand?" Both Bush and Congressional Republicans need pinning down on this.

LATE NOTICE: Martin Olav Sabo will be on C-Span Washington Journal at 8AM EST (7:00 AM CST) Wednesday with his Democratic Social Security proposal. As noted here before, Sabo was Chair of the Budget Committee the first two years of Clinton's Administration. He is also leader of Democratic Study Group -- and his proposal does come from the core of House Pregressives.

Josh Marshall has up an essay regarding how Democrats should take their "success" if indeed Bush does either lose, or pull back. I think it is important to frame this possible outcome correctly -- And I would put that in moral terms -- Democrats understand the moral value of fighting to keep dignified retirement security in place, and build on this beloved and successful program. (I also hope someone is taking names of the "immoral privatizers" and raising the money for the ads come 2006.)

we're going to lose on other issues (like bankruptcy) so this first needs to be a wion, then the war on the middle class needs to be tied into a nice package.

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