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March 28, 2005


Note Ron Brownstein today:

"My sense is this is one issue where everybody understands the other point of view," said David Winston, a Republican pollster. "But clearly people don't want government being involved in decisions like this."

While noting diverging opinions on the long-term effects, I think Brownstein and many mainstream reporters are just incapable of forseeing the damage done to the GOP. hedge your bets, say the analysts, while criticizng Dems for doing the same. But only one of the parties has declared a culture war on your privacy.

this also from First read:

The Raleigh News & Observer says "some analysts contend that the president's dramatic reaffirmation of his close ties with the Christian right may erode his appeal to centrists, including Republican moderates in the Senate." The story also notes that "Frist's effort to preserve Schiavo's life could help him with conservative religious voters during the 2008 presidential primaries."

Yeah, and his selling out the Schiavos could also hurt him, as well as hurt him with the more rational amongst the primary voters. And do we really think that social conservatives will pick the charasmatically challenged Frist over anyone else?

One of the pillars of GOP support is getting whittled away from both sides. A lot of commonsense Lifers have their doubts about saving the body Schiavo used to live in, and the ultra-zealots will never think the party in power did enough.

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