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March 29, 2005


Nobody's going to get upset about this in Canada. Most people will just think, the government is just being better safe than sorry. 2/3rds reseveing judgement? That's usually how it works.

i'd love to get to that point in the States. The Canadians are very sensible, and have the Toronto SARS experience to put it in perspective. But whatever their experience, the downside of a worst-case bird flu pandemic is worse.

The US is not doing enough. Canada is doing what it can, including stockpiling relenza and tamiflu and other anti-flu meds. Another major difference between the countries.

start suggesting that avian flu is a terrorist-engineered weapon or otherwise manufactured virus (as WBAI here in NY seems to be suggesting right now) and I bet the US snooze media will perk up.

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