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March 19, 2005


So the US is creating a new model for Afghanistan, one that bears no resemblance to American democracy or the image propagated by the administration: on the contrary, Afghanistan is, as you state, in worse shape than it was before; This is incredibly disturbung, though unfortunately, entirely predictable. Why do our media pretend not to know better? You mention the Abu Ghraib-ization of Afghanistan. According to CBS, the US detained 65, 000 prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan. 65, 000... Most were eventually released, but can you imagine the outcry if Putin or the leadership of Iran had done that?

The CURSE of the UNCLOSED ITALICS TAG! Witness the HORRIBLE SPECTACLE of an entire page filled with nothing but SLANTED TEXT!

Specifically, there seems to be an italics tag which doesn't close until 'after the jump', so the rest of the front page is italicized.

Thank you for the update MB. I fear the WoT Kool Aid tippling may be more incidious than we realize. Witness...

I recently attended a local Boy Scout event (it was a work thing so I had no choice) which featured a keynote by the friendly neighborhood banker/Special Forces captain who had spent a year in Afghanistan. He regaled us with an emotional slide show of 9-11 and Twin Tower images and quotes by Ronald Reagan (yeah, I know WTF?).

The bulk of his speech focused on how the news media has completely missed the positive stories coming out of Afghanistan. For instance his Special Forces squad--an elite specialized military unit highly trained in clandestine operations, reconnaisance, and surgical strikes against enemy combatants--built a school, provided food to an orphanage, and taught English to shoeless Afghani children! Move over Care International! Looks like there's a new sheriff in town, Medicins sans Frontieres!

We're winning the War on Terror one MRE at a time! Yay!

It was unfucking believable that 200 people sat in a Northern Colorado hotel ballroom swallowing our own home grown psy ops.

As we filed out beamly proudly of American goodness inflicted around the world, I asked my coworkers one simple question: 'Where exactly is Osama bin Ladin?"

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