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February 25, 2005


Nice Blog! Real nice!

You'll probably see alot of me around here. Congrats, all. What a great group of bloggers!

Jumped over after I saw you "we have a winner" comment about Hillary on DKos thread. That was a good one. Good luck with your new blog, it looks like it's gonna be a doozie!

Congratulations! I'll look forward to seeing the essays and writngs on this site. Best Regards.

Given the quality of the writing you all demonstrate on kos, this will have to be added to my must track list.

Let me raise one concern -- I presume the specific issues you list in the column on the right are because of the expertise you each have. I do think, however, that you need to maintain a separate category for education, not just K-12, but also post-secondary and perhaps pre-school. Education is already a battleground politically, at levels from local [you should see the nastiness around some school boards] through state to the national.

Given the attention just paid to the Summit on high schools, which feature Gov. Mark Warner, a possible candidate for higher office, and an important speech by Bill Gates [the text of which I did put in my most recent educational diary at dailykos, in a comment that was therefore far too long], this is an issue that will play an increasing role in our political debates.

I do not know how much you all will be willing to write about this subject. But I do wish you would consider it as a separate category.

Best wishes, from typographically impaired [and dyslexic] teacherken.

Hi guys. It's nice to see all these names together.
One question - are you planning to focus on any specific topics?

Well, well.

Congratulations to all of you (DH and emptywheel, especially, but only because we've met). I am looking forward to great things here--the line-up of regulars is stunningly good.

Mike (GOTV)

Yay, folks! Some of my favorite thinkers and posters, all in one place. I'll be a regular visitor.

Alright, a new blog with some good posters.

Best wishes and bon voyage.

Congratulations! I'm glad to see a new blog by some of my fave posters at Kos.

I wish yous guys all the best!

gosh just about every contributer here i have either RPXP blue or on my hotlist at dkos. i am looking forward to reading all of your future Hurrahs.

The most amazing blogwhoring in the history of blogwhores. I salute you.

Good luck to an amazing group of Bloggers. I know you guys will kick Ass with your new endeavor and I am happy to be around to cheer you on to what I know will be an Rip Roaring success. Bravo my friends.

Congratulations and best wishes for continued bloggerific success. You folks are a rare group of commentators who offer insight, humor and common sense. I'm honored to have the opportunity to read your works.

Congratulations on the new blog. I'm looking forward to reading lots of great commentary from this distinguished group of writers and will visit regularly.

So many good blogs, so little time. Still, congrats on your new blog. And I guess I'll have to figure out who will be dropped off of my "regular" list.

Grandma Jo

I'll be reading with interest. The layout here looks a little sparse and spread-out to me (lots of double-spacing, for e.g.), but what do I know?

Good timing... I have been burning out on dKos, as I diaried yesterday, and it makes me hopeful to see the strongest writers gathered together & setting out fresh. May I ask, why did you decide not to use the scoop platform?

Why no Scoop? Because we're lazy and technologically incompetent, and Typepad is easy. I love Scoop, but Typepad is idiot-proof.

Welcome, in any event. I think this will be a fun place to hang.

Go get 'em tigers. Good luck to all of you.

Wait a minute... I thought this was Eschaton!

Just what I need. Another place full of good writers to keep me glued to (to paraphrase Jubal Hershaw:) the "Goddamn flashy box"!

Seriously, good luck on this.


I'll be back.


Go forth and share your wisdom. Looking forward to great things from a lineup heavy in exceptional thinking and writing skills.
Bring it on.

Cool. Another way to avoid work. I like it.

As a new blogger, I must tell you I'm happy the page is sparse and you are using an idiot proof method to post. Way to go!

Looking forward to much more!

Right on. Now all we need is Kid Oakland.


Great site. Great list of contributors.

I'm looking forward to being here.

Congratulations on this new blog which appears to have a great start with all you wonderful Kos contributors. I enjoyed your posts so much at Kos, and wish you well as a new voice in progressive,enlighted, and [hopefully] important comment for our blogosphere.

The Revolution is just a blogsite away (didn't billy bragg say that)? we'll be watching and hopefully actively participating - thanks for leading the way.

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