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December 12, 2007


Congratulations Sara. So far, so good... I have asked my betters (I am effectively a computer dunce; know a little about Macs) about your issues in dealing with FDL/Emptywheel. Not enough info for anybody to help. If you will leave me your computer specifics, i.e. platform, browser, internet connection type, etc. and a complete description of your problems, I will make another run at it. Also, Mad Dogs is very good at this and I think would be glad to help.

Bmaz, I run XP on AOL with resident Explorer. Nothing special. Not into techie stuff, and not into fashions.

My post is really about the joy of finding a very potential Progressive victory. Well maybe. Why should we have to buy back our college which is what this really amounts to? Does being founded in the 1850's count? Now we have to build it back to old quality. A college is really Faculty -- hard to restore in multi-generational mode...which is now required. Harvard ought to offer a Marshall plan to Antioch. (we made more Ph'Ds per BA/BS actually per student). But that is not how things should be measured. Does not figure the artists or the film makers or playwrights and all the painters and those who wrote, or will write the novels and all the rest. But why should the Harvard Board of Governors', (which is about what the Antioch University Board of Trustees considers itself,) Have all the marbles?

Antioch had an endowment (maybe 4 million) that it put at risk in the late 60's, early 70's, against a promise that students, ultimately defunded as a result of Great Society program changes, would not be left to flounder. Antioch graduated most of these students, but someone ought to count the cost against the foundation and Government support that was promised and anticipated, but did not arrive. Likewise, research ought to look at the the economic history of those who were assisted.

so will there be some sort of donation drive here ???

get a snail mail address, and we can get your fundraising started

you were planning on letting us help a little, ain't ya ???

"A college is really Faculty"

You dream big, Sara (thank goodness some people still do!).

I lived in Yellow Springs in the 70s and have a great love for the spirit of Antioch. I have followed this news and am so glad to hear how the alums saved the college.

Sara, what's your year?

I was always going to go back there and teach for room and board when I retired (which is coming up). So glad the campus is back on track. I have other friends in the business who are ready to do the same. It would be an immediate world-class faculty.

Great article Sara... thanks for taking time to put it up.

My post is really about the joy of finding a very potential Progressive victory.

Yes. I love & am inspired by this kind of thing... it really makes a difference AFAIC.


I'm so happy for you and your friends.

: )

Charlie 77 -- I am class of 1962. Entered the week of Central Hi in Little Rock, and Sputnik. It dates me.

Freepatriot, no, I am not precisely contemplating fundraising, though if it is to survive, the deep pockets alumni who have moved it thus far, have to have mucho support. No -- I am more interested in documenting for a larger audience a Progressive Institution that is in real deep trouble, but is making an effort to survive against huge odds.

What troubled Antioch is at least thirty five years in the making -- each year down down down just a little bit, till it crashed last June with the announcement of essential bankruptcy, and intent to close June of 2008. Along with that came word that they wanted to turn our 1853 Campus into a fancy retirement community, and hire a developer -- perhaps someone associated with Disney to make the max out of it. Alas, some folk finally said, Hell No.

There have been two agreements in recent months -- the first promised some sort of semi-independence, but with some of the same folk in control, but the donors balked without a totally independent board, and now we have a better agreement, one that is about a college with a board of trustees, that will be independent. No more talk about converting the campus into a retirement community through a developer -- much to still be negotiated, but apparently the college will apparently get its own endowment, it's campus, the right to hire it's own President, and build the place back to its former glory.

Progressives need to understand what happened in this instance. Just as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson need their Liberty and Regents Universities, well we need this little powerhouse college that dates back to when the New England Trancendentalists (Emerson, Thoreau, and the Brook Farm types, including Lousia May Alcott's Father) decided that they needed a beach-head on the then Frontier (SW Ohio), and hired Horace Mann, Father of Public Education in the US, To create a college that would not discriminate by race or gender. Of course it changed over the years -- and it will change in the future -- (The Frontier moves after all). (Remember the founding was pre-Civil War.)

So my concern is about Progressive institutions with deep American Roots, and the need for Progressive's generation by generation to tend to the places that educate our core workers and leaders...our youth and heirs. We have been profoundly deliquent here.

I served for six years on the Alumni Board between 1988 and 1994, driving down from Mpls to Yellow Springs three times a year. Each time I would anticipate something from a meeting, and each time I would leave with tears, because I understood that the institution was dying, while sorta trying to pretend it was still alive. At the end, I said I would never return -- never care again, but of course I care -- profoundly.

Knut is Another Antiochian who posts here -- there are others too -- who want to contribute to the survival of this very special place. Yes a whole lot of money and effort is going to be necessary -- but finally big decisions have been made that point toward no more con-games, and movement toward the objective. It will be a rocky road -- and that too needs documenting. (According to the College Paper, The Record, the Alumni Board and the Deep Pocket donors finally out lawyered the U Board of Trustees which held the college in Thral -- but I still have to research something about the law firms which were teeing off.) Someone should make a movie about all this. But of course it should never have happened.

But why it happened is important to me. I have been demanding a couple of things from the beginning of this controversy -- a forensic audit, and a comprehensive history of the past 40 years or so -- I have suggested our Alumni, Peter Irons, (U of Cal at San Diego), as the leader of the History team. I think we need to know what went wrong. I think it needs clear documentation and analysis.

Sara - Thanks for leaving your computer info above. Would you also leave your type of internet provider, i.e. cable, DSS or dial up; as well as a complete description of your exact problems and symptoms? Mad Dogs has graciously agreed to assist and will need that information. He will check in here tomorrow. Thanks, and we will get you hooked up.

And by the way, my thoughts and hopes are with you on the worthy restoration project. It is worth the fight; that is all that matters.

Gee, maybe people who care about social causes don't see why they should spend $100 grand to get an education about how important it is to care about social causes, especially when $100 grand is more money than most socially-conscious people are are likely to donate over their entire life times.

I knew many Antioch students. Some really did live out the mission -- working with Zaptistas, for instance -- and volunteering with immigrants in immigrant communities. Others got over their attack of good will and just went into business. Either way, their education seemed like a waste of money.

I love the idea of Antioch. The ugly financial reality of running a modern college, however, is grossly incompatible with it.

And I'm not really high on college at any rate, so don't be unduly offended.

Inkadu -- the place is and never was just about social action missions. Just this week Mario Capecci, class of 61, was awarded a Nobel for his work in Genetic Research.

Yes, Higher Education is far too expensive, no question about it. Today all too many leave college with huge loans that really prohibit many from selecting less well paid professions, such as Public School Teacher or work in the Public Mental Health fields, and other common good work that requires quality education. It is a huge issue, one ripe for advocacy once we have a Congress that could pass proper legislation.

In the meantime, Pat Robertson has his Regents U, and Falwell had his Liberty University -- so why should not Progressives have and properly support their institutions?

Sara - I was going to advise you of this article as a sad comment on what I see as an inevitable, but regrettable, trend in corporate vis a vis university research. Then, as I was typing, I thought that if you can't fight the trend, join it. With your past accomplishments at Antioch, and the good people left there and that you might be able to recruit, one of these funding deals could take you a lot of the way towards stability.

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