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September 11, 2007


thanks for commenting X, now I can go and try to understand where democracy went. I think it was sold, and this was the receipt. But I don't understand the criminal way of doing business.

DCCC and DSCC, thank you so much for protecting incumbents.
Your bill will be arriving next year, when we vote for someone else, preferably from the Constitutional wing of the party.

I think the Clinton wing of the Democratic Party finds the idea of a unitary executive kind of appealing...

In related news, "This just in. Generallisimo Francisco Franco is still dead."

Kagro X, I saw this over at TPM earlier and I nearly blew a gasket. Thanks for preparing all that is needed for Pelosi's "briefing". And JEP, if you happen by today, this is why I am firmly in the camp that Pelosi is complicit in the abuses perpetrated by the administration rather than merely hamstrung by the numbers.

Time to form a party that is absolutely not allowed to take corporate or lobby money.

The average voter has no representation in Washington.

Kagro X

I am sure your party leaders know what they are doing.

Just sit quietly and let them do their "Good Governance."

(As DemFromCT is wont to say.)

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