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November 11, 2006


It is to our advantage if the beltway CW continues to have outdated and false ideas about Democrats and why D's won, and that they continue to work their old playbook.

Webb is a really interesting guy. With his bio, if f he could learn to relax and project some warmth, he could go even higher. But I think he and Sherrod Brown may become important senators.

Kevin Drum has had some interesting posts about the exit polls. Turns out that if you compare the 2004 House exit polls with the 2006 ones, the Dems gained more than 1-2% above their overall gain (about 5%) with only one group--Hispanics. Based on our experience in California after the GOP immigrant bashing in 1992, the change will be pretty permanent, barring a star like Schwarzenegger who creates his own atmosphere. So I expect that this is the issue the Bushies want to move on first next year, and the defeats of JD Hayworth and Randy Graf in AZ can't be overstated in its impact on the GOPers in the House.

The Dems actually scored less than their overall gains among regular church-goers and the youth vote was actually a smaller proportion of the Dem vote than in 2004 because (as in 2004) even though more youth turned out for the Dems, their gains among other groups were even higher, and more of everyone else turned out too. I still think the youth vote is Dem if they can deliver on the "broadening opportunity" agenda and keep us out of another war.

The media just can't make up its mind. On the one hand it professes to love bipartisanship and is ecstatic at the love-fest going on now. On the other, it loves conflict. Maybe their love of conflict can be directed to stories about the GOP civil war and the Dems can actually get something done. I can always hope.

And on the new Dems being conservative. Thinking is just so hard. The WSJ isn't fooled, however. They see the populist agenda coming, especially on worker rights and the demise of the love affair with "free trade."

Let's see -- when the media get tired of the "newly elected Dems are all conservative anyway" meme, maybe they'll breathlessly discover the "Dems are dangerous economic populists" meme. Panicky herd animals.

Yes -- in California we've seen the post-1994 (Prop. 187) shift of Latinos to the Dem column and it is sticking. Let's hope the national party can emerge from the immigration debate as the "path to legalization" party -- we'll win for decades.

Atrios channels a newly elected Dem Senator's Conservative Agenda

I think the media loves to simplify. too much.
There was more than iraq at the polls. More than corruption. It was no bid contracts that went to Haliburton and billions missing and stolen, ect. the list is long.
people are pissed. Especially with the rich getting fat while the middle class is starving.
The media also doesn't know what to do without the repubs in power. To them if you are a dem you are a liberal. period. They know nothing of the populist streak that runs deep in our party. Nothing of our glory years of FDR, Truman and Kennedy when we were the populist party in favor of the middle and working class.
All they know is cartoons. The cartoons painted by repubs. They forget we were the ones who brought victoy in WWI and II. No they think we are soft. They believe we are the party of the 70s.
so, we bring back our populist roots and suddenly the media can only think Conservative.
MSM desparately needs to be educated. And to get out more in the real world.

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