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October 25, 2006


Well, Rove beggs to differ. In an NPR interview he claims access to the REAL math. And the REAL polls show a Repub house and senate in two weeks. MJ Fox, the war, none of it matters all that matters is Dems vote against good things and the voters know it and will go his way in the final darkness of the booth - What say ye to this - DemFromConetecee?

I suspect Limbaugh's buffonery is going to hurt Talent in Missouri. Talent is already perceived as being a very negative campaigner and, fairly or not, this episode will color people's perception of him. I don't think a lot of people understand the depth of connection that some TV actors make with the masses. Michael J. Fox benefitted from that connection long before he was diagnosed with Parkinson's and his career since then has made him into a heroic figure. The Right should have simply ignored that ad. Attacking it will depress their base in ways they don't even understand.

This late in the game TV ads all blend into each other and are likely not very effective as long as both sides have equivalent volume. Many voters have already made up their minds. Now its going to be which side has more motivated voters and which side has better GOTV in getting the less likely voters to the polls.

This election the Repubs have not had the message frame that they have had for the past few election cycles and Iraq has continues to dominate. Bush has not made it easy with his message flip-flopping and incoherence on Iraq. The closeness of several senate races makes the outcome quite interesting.

limpbag might be hurting talent, but John Danforth is KILLING Talent on stem cell research

I saw a diary at DKOS that cronicled how a false talent ad was directly followed by an independent ad explaining exactly how the talent ad lied

and this ad sequence was broadcast during the World Series, IN ST LOUIS

lush limpbag is small potatos compared to John Danforth

I agree with you both, William and freepatriot. I know a couple of people in Cape Girardeau, Rush's home turf, and they're normally the kind of folks I'd want to stay out of the voting booth. But on an issue like this, I think Rush and the Republicans may have over-reached themselves in a Terri Schiavo kind of way. And that Danforth ad, broadcast directly after the Talent ad (in which he tries to link the stem cell law with human cloning) is just devastating in a state where Republicans and a hefty chunk of Dems give Danforth a level of adoration some Missourians used to reserve for the James gang.

This is entirely off topic, but your email link doesn't work, and I wanted to pass this on:

Emptywheel, you may have heard this before, but I thought I’d pass it along just in case you hadn’t.

I met Joe Wilson at a fundraiser last night and commented to him how many hours that should have been billable hours I had burned reading the blogs about the investigation. He immediately responded how unbelievable your work was (I had only mentioned blogs in general, not you in particular) and how he relied on your posts more than anything else.

You’ve probably heard this before, but I felt I had to pass it on to you. Thanks for all your efforts.

addendum to TenStepsLeft:

me thinks emptywheel may appear in some history books in the future

and maybe a few of the coloring books at the bush libury too

Dismayed, we can believe Rove or we can believe Cook, Amy Walter, Stu Rothenberg, Craig Crawford and every poll, internal and otherwise, on the internets. Do we think only R internal polls are correct?

As for emptywheel, she's writing her own book, to join the history and coloring books of the future.

Yeah, Rove's such an ass. Couldn't help but yank your chain just a bit. His comments made it sound like he has some sort of predictive calculation that factors in his 'polls' along with war chest balances. At the end of the day he was pretty testy, and that makes me think that he's mostly just full of shit and didn't like being called on it.

See a tongue-in-cheek visual that gives Mr. Mehlman a dose of his own "Innuendo" medicine...here:


Glad to see you mentioned Bush trying to talk about Iraq today. Have they forgotten the basics? When you are losing on an issue, attack your opponents on something else, don't wallow in the swamp of your own making. Of course, Bush has no idea how to get out of his swamp, but still, I'm shocked they let him add to the focus on Iraq.

Meanwhile, we must keep the focus on Iraq. Not very hard as the dying continues. Folks might like to take a look at this Guardian video.

bush says "talk about Iraq" ???

Frist says "don't talk about Iraq"

Concord, New Hampshire - Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist says if Republican candidates want to succeed on Election Day, they should turn their focus away from the Iraq war.

so it don't matter what you believe, the repuglicans have a policy to fit every budget

Cut the Course and Stay The Run

if you don't understand the repuglican retoric, you're probably a latte drinking libural terrorist lovin commie

Dear Mr President: you can schedule a press conference for every day until 2008 to peddle this war. No one will buy it. You just can't sell something that stinks.
Vote on November 7. Bring the troops home now. You owe it to them.

Once one gets branded as an incompetent (KKKatrina) liar (WMD's, etc.), there's not a lot you can say that everyone will believe. That's been one of KKKarl's trademark ploys, the unsubstantiated smear that enough people believe (or want to believe) to create a winning margin.

A large number of people in the US made an understandable mistake - they believed the President of the United States.

You can fool all of the people . . .

Time's up. A majority of us won't be fooled again.

Well Rush is just Rush. Don't pay too much attention to him.

Rush is an entertainer. He likes to be "notorious."
"Say what you want, just spell the name correctly."

He has gotten his turn in the barrel getting bad publicicity a few times lately about pain medication (illegal) and HIS VIAGRA(quite legal) HABIT. I felt sorry about the publicity on Viagra. It was uncalled for to present that to the news groups.

Rush is no worse than some on liberal talk radio.

As for Rush's actions concerning MJ Fox-

Well it is one thing to express his thoughts about a possilbe exageration by Mr Fox (though personally I differ) but quite another to mimic him like that. That becomes not just an attack on Mr Fox, but a slur on people with an awful malady.


That video tape of Rush Limbaugh is going to hurt Republicans all across the country. Limbaugh is seen as an important ally of the Republican party. The sheer stupidity of what he did in this incident is hard to fathom. Imitating the symptoms of Parkinson sufferer is reprehensible. Even people who might do that in private know better than to do it in public. This is a huge self-inflicted wound by the conservatives. If he had pulled a stunt like this 6 weeks ago, it might have gone largely unnoticed by the public at large. Now, on the other hand, they are just tuning into the election story. I couldn't have come up with a better way to alienate the voters that the Republicans depend on for victory (well, except for the Foley mess). Karmageddon indeed.

See a tongue-in-cheek visual that gives Rush Limbaugh a dose of his own medicine...here:



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