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July 02, 2006


I can hear the dinosaurs sitting over lunch (which had been a large herbivore dinosaur) and gossipping about the pesky mammal problem.

Dinosaur 1 - "Have you been infested with those mammals?"

Dinosaur 2 - "Oh, there's a few around. I try to grab some between breakfast and luch, but they are so small. Not even a good snack."

D1 - "Yes, but there are so many. Some have even gotten into my nest, and gotten my eggs!"

D2 - "Hmmm. I've heard that can be a problem. But at the moment we have bigger problems. How are you betting on the up-coming battle between T-Rex and Tricerotops? That will determine the king of the forest."

D1 - "You're right, of course. If these mammals get big enough to challenge us, they'll just be better meals. I guess they're not real problems."

D2 - "Of course not. King of Forest is a battle of size, teeth and claws, noise and speed. We can just ignore the mammals. What can they do to us?"

D1 - "Well, nothing, really, I guess. But they sure are pests."

D2 - "Yeah. Maybe you should call DeLayosaurus down in Sugarland. He used to be big in the forest, and he used to be an exterminaor. Maybe he can help with your pest problems."

D1 - "Him? Is he still alive? I'd heard he was gone. I guess you're right. Mammals are just harmless little pests of no real important. Back to the real problems. What's the odds on T-Rex these day?"

And the converstation drifts off to other subjects, as the mammals eat the dinosaur eggs and prevent future large dinosaur reproduction.

It was dark, but the dinosaurs hadn't evolved lips that would let them whistle in it yet. Can Joe whistle?

Smith, who runs his own consulting company

Doesn't that just say it all? I mean, I'd sure want to hire someone capable of such sterling insights as "people said Howard Dean was a big deal because of this Internet stuff, and he didn't win, so we can conclude that Internet stuff is never going to do it for anyone."

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