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February 26, 2006


But I cannot be convinced that George W. Bush is leading our country with a “seriousness equal to that of the men and women our country sends into the fight.”

What? Weren't you listening to him at that Thursday fundraiser?

We're living during historic times. I wish I could report to you that the war on terror was over, but it's not. It's -- these are serious times that require serious thought and serious purpose in order to do our most important duty, which is to protect the American people.

One could quibble whether his own words that afternoon were suited to a wartime President:

I know there's some students listening to this speech -- one, I'll try to keep it short so you can get back to class. (Laughter.)...

You know, my buddies in Texas, they come up to the White House quite frequently. And after they get over their initial shock that I'm there -- (laughter) -- they then ask me,...

I've probably been going on a little too long. I hope the food's not getting cold. (Laughter.)

Thanks everybody! I'll be here all week! Try the roast beef! (Applause.)

(ok, I added the last line.)

But the real kicker is:

It's important never to send mixed signals to our troops in combat. It's important not to play politics with the issue of war and peace.

Now, my question is simple. Going out fundraising in a week when you've cut veterans benefits so much that the Air Force Association calls you out for driving 200,000 veterans out of VA health care --- is that more "sending mixed signals," or "play[ing] politics"?

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