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February 28, 2006


Ah, yes. Poetry time again.

Where would be political junkies be without Bush?

Hey, 'pockets, I think we forgot to tell you that a condition for posting here is that each post must improve on the previous one. You might want to stop now, because I think you'll have a tough time besting this one.

Rick, actually without Bush I don't think I'd have started down the road to junkiedom (at least not political junkiedom). When I felt like the country could more or less run itself, there didn't seem to be much calling for me to pay attention! Not so much anymore...

DH, thanks for kind words. Although I think if true they might better be read as reference to the meagerness of my abilities than the quality of the inaugural post! Anyway I see my role here as making sure the rest of you guys look good by comparison... won't be hard...

A haiku for emptypockets

Dear emptypockets,
Like, best first post, dude, EVER!
Will you be my friend?

(With apologies to Britney Spears).

Back-slappin', crony-tappin' and long nappin'
were Dubyanocchio's stock in trade;
a perfect puppet for the NeoCon brigade.
About the Constitution he didn't know squat,
regarding the world, zero travel or thought.
Now we're stuck with him.

Outsourcin', nation-forcin' and no remorsin'
soon topped the Preznit's priority roster;
shine-boy of the oligarch's luster.
Suck-up sycophants kept him feeling royal,
unknowing history, he mistook them for loyal.
Yet we're stuck with him.

Brush-cuttin', carrier-struttin', English-guttin'
keep Georgie in touch with his base;
divinely right inside that empty braincase.
"Worst president ever" is a misunderestimate,
and, crimes or not, he'll probably skate.
1056 days 'til we're unstuck from him.

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