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January 20, 2006


I like Rehm. How she stomachs hosting people like Jay Sekelow as panelists for her discussions is beyond me. She knows so much better, and yet, she has to play it straight.

off topic, but Next Hurrah'ers all need to read Garance Franke-Ruta's new piece in the Prospect for Feb, "Remapping The Culture Debate"

This is one of the most important things i've read about the political culture in the US in recent memory. It's extremely informative, sobering, troubling, while presenting opportunities as well...

DHinMI, thanks for the good post and the heads up on this issue. I never knew about Dreier being gay I mean homosexual until last year and it always makes me wonder how any self respecting gay I mean homosexual like millions of us in america can support and stomach the homophobic policies of the right wing Reptiles. and he's in a leadership position! shame on him!
it is beyond me.

being gay means being out, or coming out. people still in the closer are homosexual. that's how I define it. Dreier is homosexual.

also now that Dreier is/should be so concerned about protecting his privacy and other such personal issues, I can only assume that he will come out, so as to speak, against all this illegal wiretapping and email-tapping and spying on americans by the Bush adminstration.

fyi - the Washington Blade in december took on the Reptiles and their hypocrisy, including duke cunningham, who had already been outed another other occasion.

the interesting thing that Chris Crain points out is that the voting records of these men re gay rights issues improved dramatically once they were outed and forced to be more honest in their political lives. and I am all for that.

"....But Dreier’s voting record looks very much like that of his pre-outed colleagues, ranging between 0 and 25 in the last decade.

In each case, the closer a closeted member of Congress comes to grips with being gay, with or without a nudge, the better their voting record on gay rights issues. The deeper the hole they dig with their lives, the more their voting records reflect their own self-loathing, and the sadder the end they come to.

DESPITE THE ETHICAL dangers in outing politicians or threatening to do so — and the Blade’s policy has been the subject of some commentary — there’s little question of its effectiveness, whether or not the ends justify the means...."


oops! sorry. typo there, should read:

...people still in the closet are homosexual. that's how I define it. Dreier is homosexual.

Pam's House Blend blog has a futher take on this issue, talking about the Washington Blade article and these closet cases in power positions, saying,

"Remember, most of the people we're talking about are not closeted in their social circles; their friends, staffers and colleagues know of the person's orientation.

Most are just not politically out, choosing to lie by omission because it suits their day jobs sucking up to the likes of the Christian Coalition."

so that's the sucking sound I hear coming from the great halls of Congress! and the white house and state legislatures etc etc

and Pam lays into the overarching hypocrisy of this section of the power elite which is addicted to power and the revolving door of DC wealth and privilege:

"We're not only talking about elected officials. This closet is full of campaign managers, fundraisers and legislators in the corridors of power, ready to elect homophobic officials with homo-hating tactics, and pass anti-gay measure, even as they enjoy homosexual activities themselves under the cover of anonymity."

Pam, You Go Girl!!


Kitty Kelly deals with Drier in her book on the Bush Family -- and the story is funny. Seems that Barbara Bush took a shine to Drier, thinking he would make a great second husband for her daughter, Doro, who was having difficult recovering from a failed marriage and divorce. While people told Barbara that Drier probably would not be interested -- she went to work trying to be a matchmaker with a vengence, and stayed with the project for a couple of years -- inviting Drier to virtually every family event going.

Eventually Doro met and married a Democrat -- one who had worked on the hill for Gephardt and then Tony Coelho. Married at Camp David in 1992.

Sara, that's pretty damn funny. I guess that means Bar is in favor of gay marriage...or at least marrying off gay men...if she doesn't realize they're gay...or...oooh, it's making my head hurt.

Michael: good point on the gay/homosexual terminology. I used to be more consistent with it, but in 2004 I worked with the people trying to defeat the same-sex marriage amendment in Michigan. As a straight guy, I became more immersed in gay issues than I ever had been before, and I was really struck by the vehemence with which the haters use the term homosexual. The word itself is a perfectly fine descripive word, but it almost makes me feel like I'm parroting their talking points when I use it.

But in regards to Dreier, Pam's correct that Dreier is presumably out to most who know him personally, which is sort of the point of my post. Dreier doesn't seem particularly closeted, and he lives a nice lifestyle (even paying his presumed partner more to be his chief of staff than any other chief of staff on the Hill. He's also hurt by it, in that any aspirations for higher leadership appear thwarted by the hatred for gays in his caucus. And I think it's a travesty that this isn't reported in the press, because Dreier is abetting a deeply anti-gay agenda by being a partisan Republican leader/MoC, regardless of how he may vote on a particular issue. Dreier's silence on his fellow Republicans' hatred is worse than that of the press.

More importantly than being gay, David Dreier is the one person who can make or break the Congressional impeachment process in this Congressional term. This is because the Impeachment Resolution is walled up in the House Rules Committee, and will remain there for as long as the Republicans can manage to keep it there - and off the floor. Dreier squeaked through to re-election last year by an astoundingly narrow margin - and his own Party doesn't even like him. Perhaps he should consider becoming a Libertarian. Then he could vote his mind, instead of his politics.

By the way. In Texas, where I grew up, *everyone* accused *everybody* of being homosexual, all the time. Mockingly, jokingly, angrily, whatever, depending on the social context. It's just a normal part of our social structure in that state. Does that tell you anything you didn't already know about George Bush?


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