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January 30, 2006


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This would so much less infuriating if the "moderates" who make up the Democratic half of the Gang would catch a clue from this about future behavior. Not to mention scream about current behavior.

Instead, I suspect we'll see from several - if not all - of them, more making nice-nice down the road. When will they learn that negotiating with people who have the morality of velociraptors is a losing proposition?

hahahahaha. What am I saying? Smart as they supposedly are, this crew will never learn because it is apparently not in their interests to do so. We can only hope that their replacements get it, and that they are replaced soon. Because what they're doing, mostly what they're not doing, is certainly not in our interests. I'm a realist. I cut Red-State Dems slack most of the time. But when it comes to lifetime appointments and certain bedrock principles, I expect them to be in my corner. Otherwise, they're just place-holders.

No, no, no. You misunderstand! This time Mary Landrieu really is going to get that Katrina aid! Seriously!

Yep, just like AARP got everything they wanted in that Medicare bill.

All the aid she wants now that there are only white people and illegals.

All the aid she wants now that there are only white people and illegals.

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