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September 02, 2005


They won't be able to use it in floor debates (bringing exhibitions onto the floor of the House requires a vote--and you know the Repukes aren't going to vote to allow in something that will make them look like the giant tribe of horse's arses they are). But that won't stop the DNC from making some killer campaign ads with it.

As I wrote that I realized that it's probably just committee hearings where they do that.

Nice. I've been waiting for Norquist to pay for shooting his mouth off like crazy, like none of this stuff or these policies really matter in real life.

He'll figure out a way to blame it on the prodigious patronage that's a long-standing tradition in Louisiana politics.

Yeah, as opposed to the banana-republican crony capitalism that's a long-standing tradition with these pigs. Mission accomplished, Grover -- they drowned FEMA in the bathtub, and innocent Americans in Lake George. Now it's time for us to drown these fuckers in it. Killer ads, indeed -- this should be our battle flag.

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