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August 06, 2005


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HOW MANY TIMES will Judy Martyr Miller have to go to the grand jury before she gets it right? [story] And if she got it wrong the first time, will she go to jail a second? No one has [Read More]


So, Judy burned another CIA source even before Plame, eh? Good thing nobody's looking for a pattern of activities that... oh, wait!

Judy Miller impedes and impairs more intelligence activities before 9AM than most people do all day.

Ah, but Judy says "But I was fucking right!" as she's led away to the slammer. Ron Suskind has to do her bio. Who else could?

Gosh, I hadn't thought about it in the same way, but I guess you're right Kagro. Named him by name she did.

I guess I'm so used to that by now. How many times had people said that Chalabi or Allawi as a CIA asset over the years?

But I do wonder whether the de-Baathification wasn't Chalabi's way of depriving the CIA of its sources. I really wonder what that Iraq covert agent thinks and or knows about this.

Wouldn't that be an amazing thing if the NYT, after Time caved, was leaning on Judy to talk, and she sold them on the "journalistic integrity" thing, but in reality her own lawyer had told her to keep her mouth shut, because "they know about Janabi, and Plame would be strike two?"

Oh, I don't think NYT ever considered talking. In the same way that BushCO has to hide their lies, NYT has to hide its complicity in the war.

Maybe not. Two other things I wonder, though. Would publishing Janabi's name, and then being involved in the Plame outing implicate -- Agee style -- the Times as well as Miller?

And was Miller's lawyer also the Times' lawyer? Or were they represented separately?

"It is not professional, and not collegial." This is so telling; Burns sounds more like a rotating department chair at some private college for the privileged spawn of our mediocracy than an internationally renowned newspaper's bureau chief.

Like previous installments, this is a fascinating deconstruction of Miller's "work". I can't wait for the episode about the ark. Isn't that when the story where Judy has to find Mohammed and tell him she wants to buy a blind camel comes in?


The Ark comes next. Probably mid-day tomorrow. By far my favorite installment.

The Meeting
Scooter Libby and Judy Miller met on July 8, 2003, two days after Joe Wilson published his column. And Patrick Fitzgerald is very interested.
By Murray Waas
Web Exclusive: 08.06.05



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