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July 11, 2005


while we are on the subject of global warming,CO2 etc.,has anyone ever figured out how many thousands of tons of CO2 Coca Cola,Pepsi and the rest of the soft drink Industries are dumping into the Environment annually, carbonizing their Products??

It's nice to see that the whole government is not in agreement with Barton:

"Late last week, Sherwood L. Boehlert, a New York Republican and chairman of the House Science Committee, sent a letter to Mr. Barton expressing "strenuous objections to what I see as the misguided and illegitimate investigation you have launched." The investigation, writes Mr. Boehlert, "breaks with precedent and raises the specter of politicians opening investigations against any scientist who reaches a conclusion that makes the political elite uncomfortable...My primary concern about your investigation is that its purpose seems to be to intimidate scientists rather than to learn from them, and to substitute Congressional political review for scientific peer review," wrote Mr. Boehlert. "That would be pernicious." (Chronicle of Higher Education, 07/18/05)

It seems to me that it is critical that such moderate actions from the party in power get as much press as the extreme ones.

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